Shane Nackerud, University Libraries

Open textbooks are an exciting way to create course content for your students, and with an open license make that content available to students around the world. Open textbooks can include text, images, audio, video, and other multimedia, as well as quizzes, interactive exercises, and online, embedded assessments.

Come to learn about the process of creating openly licensed content such as open textbooks or open educational resources.  Learn what it takes to create an open textbook, including copyright and licensing concerns, and what tools are available to create your content.    

During the first day of the workshop, we will look at examples of open textbooks that have already been created, and learn about the tools available for creating your content, namely Pressbooks and H5P.  You can then use Pressbooks with the assistance of librarians and other content experts to create your own open textbook or open educational resource. It is possible and likely you will not complete your book during the week, and that is OK!)

Number of participants:  5-7
Prerequisites:  None, but you should have some content in mind to work with
Technologies used:  Pressbooks and H5P