Melinda Kernik, Spatial Data Analyst and Curator, University Libraries

Wilson Research Collaboration Studio  Conference room (First floor, Wilson Library)

Maps are a powerful tool for visualizing and asking questions of historical, social, or other qualitative materials.  Maps can be used to tell stories about the movement of individuals or groups through space and time, to display contested understandings of place, or to spatially organize complex sets of images and text. During a half day workshop, we will discuss how to make a digital story map, including techniques for finding/creating map content and tips for designing compelling maps. You will then work on your own to put these new skills and tools in to practice by creating a story map about your research or a topic of interest. Consultations are available during your work time.

Number of participants: 5-7
Prerequisites: None, but a project idea and related pictures, text, multimedia, or spatial data are recommended
Technologies used: primarily ArcGIS Online (with a brief look at Neatline and KnightLab StoryMap JS)


Tuesday, August 22

Workshop (9 a.m. – noon)

Worktime, (1 p.m. – 4 p.m.)

How to make a digital story map

Wednesday, August 22-Friday, August 25

Work time, with consultations available by appointment.